Medmovie Sponsor Spot on PBS American Health Journal

Medmovie announces a new 20 second animated sponsor spot on a PBS award winning television program series entitled, “American Health Journal.”  American Health Journal has been airing regionally on PBS since 1988, and is dedicated to informing the public on disease prevention and the latest advancements in medicine. The Medmovie spot has aired on the show from March, 20, 2013 and will be aired until March 20, 2015.

Tom Eblen: Company turns medical illustrations into apps

  Company Educations through Visuals BY TOM EBLEN Herald-Leader columnist March 11, 2013 Read the original article here: Richard Gersony was a pre-med student at Columbia University in New York City when he started drawing illustrations for the campus newspaper. Soon he faced a dilemma: which career path to choose? “I was going toward […]

Medmovie completes two new animations for Cook Medical

Medmovie’s animators have completed two new 3D animations depicting Cook Medical’s OB-GYN devices. The first animation depicts Cook Medical’s Tao Brush™ IUMC Endometrial Sampler. This brush is used to collect samples of endometrial tissue to diagnose conditions such as endometrial hyperplasia (shown) or intrauterine cancers. The round plastic tip allows for easy insertion. The retractable sheath […]

Medmovie hires new animator, Michelle Davis, MS

Medmovie is pleased to announce­ Michelle Davis, MS will be joining us in September as the newest member of our team of medical illustrators and animators based in Lexington, KY. Michelle earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience and Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Drake University in 2008 and her Master’s degree in Medical […]