Valves – 2 Views

The heart has four valves that regulate blood flow through the heart. The mitral valve and the tricuspid valve (atrioventricular valves) are located between the atria and ventricles. The aortic valve and pulmonary valve (semilunar valves) are located between the ventricles and the arteries that emerge from the heart.

Figure 1: Front view of the heart.

Figure 2: Front view of the cut heart.

Figure 3: Cut heart with coronary arteries.

Figure 4: Valves viewed from the top.

1. Right atria
2. Right ventricle
3. Aorta
4. Pulmonary artery
5. Left atria
6. Left ventricle
7. Ventricular septum
8. Right coronary artery
9. Left coronary artery
10. Tricuspid valve
11. Pulmonary valve
12. Aorta
13. Mitral valve


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