Medmovie’s animators have completed two new 3D animations depicting Cook Medical’s OB-GYN devices.

The first animation depicts Cook Medical’s Tao Brush™ IUMC Endometrial Sampler. This brush is used to collect samples of endometrial tissue to diagnose conditions such as endometrial hyperplasia (shown) or intrauterine cancers. The round plastic tip allows for easy insertion. The retractable sheath prevents sample contamination before and after the procedure. 

The second animation depicts Cook Medical’s Bakri Postpartum Balloon. This balloon can be used as a conservative measure to reduce postpartum hemorrhage following either a vaginal or cesarean birth.  The balloon is inserted vaginally following a vaginal birth, or trans-abdominally following a cesarean section.  The balloon is inflated and tension is placed on the balloon to reduce bleeding. Once the designated amount of time has elapsed, the balloon is deflated in stages then removed.