In this medical malpractice case, a series of surgical errors lead to multiple surgeries including two bowel resections. The first error was incorporation of the small bowel in the closure sutures following abdominal surgery.

The bowel was then pulled through a very small incision which was the second error. The suture holes in the bowel were repaired.  The bowel was compressed during this time leading to ischemia and bowel injury.

The injured bowel was resected and the remaining bowel was anastomosed in a side to side fashion. The third error was made when a small 3 mm hole was left in the end of the anastomosis causing subsequent leakage of bowel contents into the abdomen.

The leakage of bowel contents caused an abdominal infection requiring an additional surgical repair.

Additional bowel was resected and the bowel was anastomoses in a side to side fashion.