Communicating with Your Healthcare Provider

The American Heart Association encourages you to actively discuss all aspects of your health. Talking with your healthcare provider and asking questions can help you become an active part of your healthcare and ensure that all of your healthcare decisions are right for you.

Helpful tips for your appointments:
Prepare for your visit: Prior to your appointment, make a list of symptoms, medications, and questions to discuss and bring it with you.
Speak Up: Ask questions and tell your provider how you feel.
Clarify: Ask for a simpler explanation and repeat what you heard in your own words. Take notes or have your provider write down instructions. Ask where you can learn more.
Be honest: Be honest about your symptoms, your medication use, and what you do to keep healthy so your health care provider can help keep you on the right track.

Things you can discuss with your healthcare provider:
1. Your health conditions:
• Family medical history, symptoms, existing conditions and risk factors.
2. Treatments and medications:
• Routine exams and diagnostic tests, treatments options, medications and costs.
3. Plans to keep to healthy:
• Physical Activity, healthy eating, losing weight, quitting cigarettes and tobacco.


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